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Wireless NVR series

Suitable for the following models:


Windows PC Clent
Software version:V1.0.0.5 Software size:10M Release date:2015-11-30
Apply to system:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10
Click on the download:WIFI NVR
Android Mobile phone client
Software version:v1.6 Software size:7M Release date:2015-12-11
Suitable for OPhone & Android 2.2 and above
Click on the download:wifinvr  Mobile two-dimensional code
IOS client
Software version:V1.1 Software size:10 MB Release date:2015-9-23
support iPhone , iPad , iPad Touch 7
Download the way:App Store Search keyword wifinvr
IPC Firmware version:20150911 Firmware vol:3M Rele:2015-9-14
Click on the download:20150911
NVR Firmware version:20151220 Firmware vol:24M Rele:2015-12-30
Click on the download:20151230
Search Tool[Windows]
Apply to system:Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10
IPC Software version:V2.2.5 Software size:1.3M Release date:2015-8-14
Click on the download:IPC Search
NVR Software version:V3.5.3 Software size:1.8M Release date:2015-8-14
Click on the download:NVR Search