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IPC-HouseHold Series
Suitable for the following models: S5001YN-W,S5001YN-BW,S5001Y-W,S5001Y-BW,S5001Y-WR,S5001Y-BWR,S5001YN-WNA,S5001YN-BWNA; S6202Y-WRA,S6202Y-BWRA;S5003Y-W,S6203Y-WRA;S6204Y-WRA;S6205Y-WRA;S6206Y-WRA; S5007Y-WNI, S5007Y-BWNI,S5007Y-WRI,S5007Y-BWRI,S6207Y-WRA,S6207Y-BWRA,S5207Y-WRA,S5207Y-BWRA;S6211Y-WRA;S5012Y-WR,S5012Y-BWR;S6213Y-WRA,S6213Y-BWRA,S5213Y-WRA,S5213Y-BWRA;S5061FN-SWR, S6261FN-SWR;S6262FN-FR;S6263FN-FR;S6285BN-FR;SL-C701,SL-C702,SL-C703;
Windows PC Clent
Software version:V4.0 Software size:11M Release date:2017-07-08
Apply to system:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7,Windows 8,win10
Click on the download:MonitorClient
Android Mobile phone client
Software version: Software size:6M Release date:2017-08-09
Suitable for OPhone & Android 2.2 and above
Click on the download:P2PWIFICAM  Mobile two-dimensional code
The User Manual for Smart Phone
Click on the download:cam360
IOS client
Software version:V10.3 Software size:10 MB Release date:2017-08-10
support iPhone , iPad , iPad Touch 7
Download the way:App Store Search keyword P2PWIFICAM
Web page plug-in[Multiple browser versions]
Software version:V2.0 Software size:2.92M Release date:2013-05-28
Apply to system:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Click on the download:oPlayer
Search tool [Windows versions]
Software version:V3.6 Software size:1.8M Release date:2014-10-25
Apply to system:Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Click on the download:download
Search tool[Apple's system version]
Software version:V1.0 Software size:55KB Release date:2013-06-06
Apply to system :OSX(Apple system)
Click on the download:download
video player[Applies to the SD card video files]
Software version:V4.0 Software size:5M Release date:2016-1-12
Apply to system :Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Click on the download:CAMPlayer